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Factory direct 50K lock notebook中文版 | Report Item
Factory direct 50K lock notebook Factory direct 50K lock notebook Factory direct 50K lock notebook
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  • Updated : 2017-03-08 10:31
  • Exquisite locks within the colorful elegant paper high quality cartoon characters vivid green nontoxic confidential wins a good easy to use
Unit Price:
Above 1920pcs   2.40 yuan/pc
192pcs ~1919pcs   2.45 yuan/pc
The above price(s) may be subject to tariffs, duties, Value Added Tax (VAT), shipping charges etc.
Supply Quantity: 19200pcs

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Chunxiang colorful stationery paper 12.5X15 cm /opp

exquisite colorful appearance in the lock paper and cartoon characters vivid non-toxic easy to use by all good secrecy wins the majority of young people
chun xiang stationery
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